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500 Ducks is a contemporary pop and synth music project from keyboardist Michael W Taylor, featuring both instrumental and vocal tracks with modern sounds from leading music hardware companies like Access Virus, Novation and Korg and software companies such as Softube, SSL, Lexicon and Soundtoys. 500 Ducks aims to provide stimulating listening and uplifting as well as thoughtful melodies and atmosphere.

Projects coming up include the much anticipated Destinosophy album which will take the music into new directions.

Dark Skies - 500 Ducks

500 Ducks Videos on YouTube

Watch the first video from 500 Ducks, a grand space exploration video, music from the forthcoming Dark Skies album, thanks to NASA for the video content.


Incident at Tranquility Moon Base - 500 Ducks

Incident at Tranquility Moon Base

A cool rock tune with some scary alien influence, watch out for the artifacts.

Alpine Skiing by 500 Ducks

Alpine Skiing

Enjoy Skiing without the hassle of buying all the gear. Check out this video of Alpine scenery coupled with gorgeous chillout music from 500 Ducks.

Blue Horizons by 500 Ducks - watch YouTube video

Blue Horizons

A darker evening, driving through snow, a deep feeling of emotion and searching through the night time landscape, with the unknown horizon ahead. This record just released. Listen on spotify, amazon and other high quality music streaming sites.

Into You by 500 Ducks - watch YouTube video

Into You

Here's a stimulating piece of pop contemporary music to get you set for the weekend. London based theme. Listen on major streaming networks.

Lazy Sunday by 500 Ducks - watch YouTube video

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday, day of rest. Relax and unwind with a nice cup of tea and listen to the positive vibe of Lazy Sunday, the latest track from 500 Ducks. Also you can watch the video by clicking on the image.

500 Ducks Favorites:

Destinosophy by Helena Lind is a unique online portal and gateway to the spheres of ancient and modern destiny. An illuminating and addictive read. We highly recommend to all.